Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pet is Born

If a person speaks their mind without thinking about how they'll offend someone, we're often quick to label them terms such as: "bitch", "ass", "jerk", "tool", the harsh names are endless. However, what makes a bitch a bitch? Is it the girl in the club who points out flaws such as frizzy hair and awkwardness about other people? What makes a jerk a jerk? Is it the guy who cuts you off in a traffic jam and flips you the bird in the meantime? If those are the stereotypical jerks and asses of our nation, don't we all secretly posses these traits? I'm going to confess here, my name is Jade and I'm a secret jerkaholic. Although I wouldn't dare to voice my thoughts "out there", I have certain peeves that choke me till this day.