Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok, so when did MySpace become America's new phone number? I couldn't believe what happened to me recently in a group project. It started off as the typical: "Hi, yeah, yeah, I'm Sally, I'm Sue, I'm Tiffany." When it came to getting the contact information, everyone started to write their names on a piece of lined paper when all of a sudden, another brainwashed soul perked her head up with a cheerful smile and said: "Hey! Do all of you guys have myspace? We could keep in contact through there."

Yes... Why don't we ALL send our papers on early romanticism to each other's mail boxes? And when everyone gets home, we can all have a cheesy smile on our faces because -SURPRISE- we have a new message. A message from someone I see on a daily basis. Oh, gee wilikers, the magic of new messages! Meanwhile, underneath the messages are a huge list of friend requests from people seeking to be crowned myspace's queen and king of the internet prom.

Needless to say, I had to be the cyber party pooper because (gasp) I deleted my myspace. You should have seen the look on their faces. It was like I had just stabbed someone in the classroom, dragged the body across the floor, and put it on my desk. Why on earth were they looking at me as if the earth was suddenly going to end? I was a geek in high school, did I seriously have to be labeled the lame one in college because I wasn't keeping up with all the internet trends? This has never happened to me before... I had officially entered the twilight zone.

To make matters worse, I had to go into why I deleted my myspace, to people I've never talked to in my life. Someone please call Maury because this girl doesn't have a Myspace! I have to admit, that I too once fell victim to this whole Myspace brainwashing system. Most of my dating life came from dating sites online, and yes, Myspace was one of them. I can't say that no good came from that site, because I did meet my boyfriend (of seven months now) on there. However, once I was in the "dating" zone, certain problems started coming up, and I deleted the site for several reasons:

  1. MYSPACE IS A RELATIONSHIP KILLER: I originally signed up with myspace because I wanted exposure to certain modeling networks/photographers. I did manage to get a casting call from America's Next Top Model, but that was about it. Besides that I had perverts writing on my page and commenting on my pictures. Needless to say, it didn't look too good.
  2. Gotta Get On That Top Eight! Oh my God... Do you know how much drama the top eight caused? Who is this guy? Who is this girl? Why is she before me when you've only known her for six months? Why did I move down her list? Fine... If she moves me down on her friend's list, I'm completely taking her off mine! How childish is this? I feel like I can have a greater conversation with my cousin Dane and he's only a toddler. I found that every single time someone got "dropped" from someone else's list, I was always the middle monkey trying to cheer everyone up. In all honesty, I got tired of playing Dr. Phil.
  3. The MySpace Stalkers: Number one, I used an alias on my myspace site, and somehow people still found me. I remember one random night, a girl I met at a club found me on myspace the very next day. I've never met her in my life, she didn't know my "fake name", and as far as I'm concerned, she didn't associate with any of my friends. Yes, just a tad bit creepy in my book...
  4. I Already Talk To The People I Need to Talk To: If I no longer talk to a person, or contact that person in any way, that's for a good reason. I already talk to the people I want to talk to, and that's that.

To sum up everything in a nutshell, I can relate to all the Myspace addicts out there because I was one. But seriously, just back up a little bit and look at the other technology we have out there. If Myspace crashes, there's still cell phones, e-mail, and my oh my-- friendly conversation (dare I say.... In person!) Myspace is an epidemic and quite the contradiction. It's called "Myspace", yet somehow everyone is in YOUR SPACE. Thanks a lot Tom.