Friday, February 13, 2009

That's A Lot of Dirty Diapers...

I was debating whether or not I should "blog" about the human breeding machine, Nadya Suleman. There are so many things I want to say about this issue, that I just couldn't hold my tongue anymore. If you aren't familiar with Nadya Suleman and her newest octuplet addition, here's a little recap on what has been going on in the news:
Nadya Suleman is the proud mother of 14 children. Yes, that's right. You heard correctly. In addition to the newest babies of the family, she had six previous children already. What a blessing, wouldn't you say? Well, here's the problem: One baby is expensive... For a middle class family living in the western United States, one baby under 1 year old will cost approximately $9,171. Now, seven more babies increases the sum just a bit to $73,368 (and this isn't including the other six kids she has.) As the children grow older, the price increases quite a bit to $171,926 per child. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for an unwed mother, with no current occupation, and fourteen kids, isn't this kind of a bad thing? It's one thing to bring these babies into this world, it's another thing when someone doesn't have the financial ability to take care of all of these kids, and is just sitting back and letting the government and hard-working tax payers pay for her kids.
I just can't sit back and keep my mouth shut anymore about this woman. I understand that having kids is a blessing, it really is. I hear it and see it all the time with my friends and family that have kids. However, watching this woman have all these babies without the slightest notion of how she's going to take care of these kids with a calm expression on her face is absolutely frightening to me! Physically, yes, she seems very sweet and sincere from what I can see on tv. Nurturing, I'm sure she can be. However, unfortunately in this day an age, in order to nurture our children, we do need the financial stability to do so. I just can't believe this woman isn't taking these things into consideration.
And that brings me to this problem in society. People just keep on having babies like rabbits. If you can afford it, that's fine in my opinion. However, when someone is a single unmarried mother, not working, raising FOURTEEN KIDS, I have a serious problem.
The thing that has me just absolutely flabbergasted is the fact that this woman can AFFORD to have all this plastic surgery on her face, and can PLAN on having all these babies, but not have the money to pay for these little ones.
People keep arguing about whether or not this woman is crazy. I'll give you my opinion, she is absolutely bonkers and out of her mind. So are the rest of these women having more than a dozen kids and can't pay for them. I understand that there are "accidents", but having more than four kids without the financial stability isn't an accident anymore, it's pure reckless. In my opinion, they should save their money for birth control products or practice ABSTINENCE. Believe me, it's a cheaper process!